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During the sesquicentennial commemoration, the Division of Historic Sites and Properties will explore a new approach to interpreting North Carolina's Civil War experience. This initiative will expand our sites' view of the conflict, connecting the sites with a comprehensive approach that demonstrates how one event or aspect of the war impacted another.

A main goal will be a Civil War education program for eighth grade students, both statewide and site-specific, based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study objectives for teaching the Civil War in North Carolina. Topics will include:

  • The Road to Secession
  • North Carolina as a Civil War Battlefield
  • Wartime North Carolina
  • War's End and Reconstruction in North Carolina

The result will be an educational unit that teachers can use in the classroom and in an enhanced educational experience when students visit our Civil War sites.

Our plans are ambitious. Of the 27 historic sites in our system, 12 have been identified for inclusion in the commemoration. We hope to cover a broad spectrum using traditional and non-traditional Civil War sites. Each of the 12 sites has been asked to have a major project or interpretation related to the Civil War added to its permanent physical plant.

Each will also execute one major program centered on the Civil War once every six months during the commemoration a total of eight per site. The objective is to tell as many stories as possible for a broad based experience.

Speakers Bureau

Organizations wishing to schedule speakers in connection with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War may wish to consider extending an invitation to a staff member of the Office of Archives and History. For more information, see our list of speakers and topics (PDF).

NC Civil War Books

NC Civil War Books

NC Civil War Books Histories, Letters, Diaries, Maps, and Troop Rosters.