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War in Eastern North Carolina

"This evening we heard the startling intelligence. That the Yankees have possession of 'Fort Hatteras' on the cape. The 17th Reg. state troops, Col-Campbell went down last evening to have a fight with the 'vandals'!" God speed them on to Victory. Let them retake the 'Fort' O My God! It makes every vein ready to burst with just indignation. When I think of such vile feet treading the soil of the Proud old North State. Arise, ye me of N. Cr. Off with the cowardly hordes . . . . Hatteras taken by Yanks women and children fleeing. 'Quick oh God! Save us from the enemy. Surely thou hast not forsaken us.'"
  Elizabeth Collier, Diary entries, August 28 and August 30, 1861. (Elizabeth Collier Papers)

"C.S. Neuse-(ance)
March 19th '64
Kinston N.C.

Dear Sis . . . I find it exceedlingly dull here as the town is completely deserted by all of its respectable inhabitants & I know none of those living in the country round about. We (the Officers of the Neuse, viz; Lt Comdg B. P. Loyal[l], 1st Lt. F. L. Hage, Masters [A. S.] Worth & [R. H.] Bacot, Engineers [J. T.] Tucker & [R. E.] Edwards & Asst Surg [Joel G.] King) live in a small house on the street, which is the terminus of Col Washington's Avenue, & about a quarter of a mile from our future home the Neus'ance."
  Lt. Richard H. Bacot, officer aboard the ironclad warship CSS Neuse, March 19, 1864. (North Carolina State Archives)

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R. H. Bacot Letter - CSS Neuse