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"Why is it that in the midst of a bloody war waged for the very existence of the State . . . that many of our best and wisest men are rigidly and constantly excluded from the councils of the State and nation, and by our State authorities from the public service? Mr. Branch and Mr. David and others . . . . pet-men, sometimes filling two or more offices of trust and profit at the same time, but the state, now in imminent hazard, stands in no need of the services of such men as Ruffin or Badger, Brown or Graham, Reid or Morehead . . . and a host of others! . . . . What is the reason for all of this? We will tell you, fellow-citizens. It is Party! Party! . . . Yes, the depraved oracle of the destructives in this city, clamors for the spoils must have all the fat offices for the original secessionists indeed yawns and growls like a dog with a sore head, if the original Yancey men, the democratic secessionists don't get them all."
  Standard, Neswpaper, Raleigh, N.C., September 25, 1861

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