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February 7-8 — Battle of Roanoke Island — Casualties: roughly 2,907 on both sides

February — Freedmen's Colony established during the Federal occupation of Roanoke Island. Former slaves built a thriving settlement, erecting churches and schools.

February 10 — Action at Elizabeth City, including naval action

February 12 — Naval expedition to Edenton

February 18-21 — Expedition to Winton and skirmish, including naval expedition on Chowan River

February 19 — Skirmish at Winton

February 19-20 — Expedition to Currituck Sound

February 25 — Loss of USS R. B. Forbes near Currituck Inlet


March — Union occupation of Beaufort, including Havelock Station, Carolina City, and Morehead City

March 11-13 — Movement to New Bern

March 14 — Battle of New Bern — Casualties: roughly 1,080 on both sides.

March 17 — Escape of Nashville from Beaufort

March 20-21 — Expedition to and occupation of Washington, including naval cooperation

March 23-April 26 — Siege of Fort Macon — Casualties: roughly 490 on both sides.

March 31 — Skirmish at Deep Gully



April — Marcus Erwin and Buncombe County militia flush 80 anti-Confederates from Laurel Valley (WEST)

April 6-11 — Expedition from Greenville, Tenn. into Laurel Valley, N.C. (Gen. Kirby Smith sends three companies under Lt. Col. David M. Key to clean out Unionist marauders operating out of Madison County. (WEST)

April 7 — Skirmish at Foy's Plantation

April 7 — Skirmish near Newport

April 7-8 — Expedition to Elizabeth City

April 12 — Skirmish at Fort Macon

April 12 — Destruction of schooner Kate off Wilmington

April 13 — Skirmish at Gillett's Farm, Pebbly Run

April 17 — Naval expedition to Dismal Swamp Canal

April 19 — Engagement at South Mills

April 19 — Skirmish at Trent Road

April 24 — Escape of blockade-runner Nashville into Wilmington

April 25-26 — Bombardment and Capture of Fort Macon

April 27 — Skirmish at Houghton's Mill, Pollocksville Road

April 29 — Skirmish at Batchelder's Creek


May 1 — Capture of British brig Intended

May 2 — Skirmish at Deep Gully, Trenton Road

May 7-8 — Expedition from Roanoke Island toward Gatesville

May 15 — Skirmish at Young's Crossroads

May 15-16 — Reconnaissance toward Trenton

May 15-16 — Skirmishes at Trenton Bridge

May 15-16 — Skirmish at Pollocksville

May 22 — Skirmish at Trenton and Pollocksville Road

May 28 — Naval reconnaissance up Blackwater River (upper extension of Chowan River, into Virginia)

May 28 — Capture of Nassau

May 30 — Skirmish at Tranter's Creek

May — Minor Federal raid into Haywood County leads to release of Unionist man condemned to death in Waynesville (WEST)


June 2 — Skirmish at Tranter's Creek

June 5 — Action at Tranter's Creek

June 24 — Reconnaissance from Washington to Tranter's Creek

June 26 — Destruction of Emily

June 26 — Expedition up Little River

June 27 — Skirmish at Swift Creek Bridge

June 27 — Blockade-runner Modern Greece forced aground by Union blockaders. Artifacts from this wreck are currently on display at Fort Fisher (Cape Fear).

June 27 — 1st North Carolina Volunteer Infantry (Union) organized (as authorized by Gen. Ambrose Burnside).


July 9 — Capture of Hamilton, including naval cooperation

July 24-28 — Expedition from New Bern to Trenton and Pollocksville

July 26 — Skirmish at Mill Creek near Pollocksville

July 26-29 — Reconnaissance from New Bern to Young's Crossroads

July 27 — Skirmish at Young's Crossroads

July 28 — Expedition from New Bern, Batchelder’s Creek, on Neuse River Road



August — Carolina and schooner evade blockade

August 3-23 — Naval operations in Chowan River

August 14-15 — Reconnaissance from Newport to Swansborough

August 24 — Sinking of USS Isaac N. Seymour on Neuse River near New Bern

August 27 — Escape of blockade-runner Kate from Wilmington

August 30 — Skirmish near Plymouth


September 2 — Skirmish at Plymouth

September 6 — Confederate attack on Washington, including Federal naval operations

September 7-9 — Expedition of USS Hunchback up Chowan River

September 8 — Zebulon B. Vance becomes governor of North Carolina — Conservative Party — former U.S. Congressman (1858-1861), and former colonel of the 26th North Carolina Regiment.

September 17-20 — Operations about Shiloh

September 25 — Attack on blockade-runner Kate off Fort Caswell

September 28 — Capture of blockade-runner Sunbeam off New Inlet


October — Confederate salt works at Bogue and Currituck Inlets destroyed

October 11 — Action at Cape Fear River. Engagement with battery near Fort Caswell.

October 21 — Reconnaissance in New Topsail Inlet and destruction of schooner Adelaide

October 22 — Capture of British brig Robert Bruce

October 30-November 9 — Naval expedition to Hamilton


November 1-12 — Expedition from New Bern (through Washington to Williamston, Hamilton, and toward Tarboro), including skirmishes at Little Creek and Rawls’s Mill (destruction of property at Hamilton, slaves freed) (Naval cooperation)

November 2 — Action at Rawle's Mill, Little Creek

November 4 — Capture of British bark Sophia

November 8-9 — Naval expedition to Rose Bay and Greenville

November 11 — Demonstration on New Bern

November 17 — Destruction of British schooner J. W. Pindar at Masonboro Inlet

November 18 — Skirmish at Core Creek

November 23-25 — Naval expedition on New River to Jacksonville (Cushing), with capture and destruction of USS Ellis

November 29 — Capture of schooner Levi Rowe


December 8 — Capture of sloop Coquette

December 9 — Federal naval demonstration on Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers (upper extension of Chowan River, into Virginia)

December 10 — Confederate attack on Plymouth, including Federal naval operations

FOSTER'S RAID (December 11-20 — Casualties: roughly 1,055 on both sides)

December 11-20 — Expedition from New Bern to Goldsboro

December 11 — Skirmish on Kinston Road

December 11-12 — Skirmishes on Kinston Road

December 12-15 — Operations on Neuse River

December 13-14 — Actions at Southwest Creek

December 14 — Engagement at Kinston

December 15 — Affair at Whitehall Bridge

December 16 — Engagement at Whitehall

December 16 — Affairs at Mt. Olive Station and Goshen Swamp

December 17 — Raid on Dudley's Station

December 17 — Skirmish at Thompson's Bridge

December 17 — Skirmish at Goldsboro Bridge

December 17 — Reconnaissance to Diascund Bridge

December 27 — Action at Elizabeth City

December 31 — Loss of USS Monitor off Cape Hatteras

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